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Naturopath Clinical Herbalist

Rita Tarvydaite is a qualified clinical herbalist and naturopath, a graduate of CNM Dublin, where after studying for four years, in addition to her diplomas she also achieved an award for clinical and academic excellence. Rita is also a herbal medicine lecturer. With extensive knowledge and experience in prescribing nutritional supplements and dietary advice, Rita also offers natural skin care solutions and product recommendations.


While her main focus is on supporting people through Western herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle, she also utilizes her knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Ayurveda concepts to provide an all encompassing and individually tailored naturopathic health plan to each client. This approach means Rita can see clients with a diverse range of health concerns from chronic degenerative conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, to cold and flu, insomnia, anxiety issues, infertility, female hormone disorders, fibromyalgia and hypertension, as well as many other health concerns and ailments.


In taking the approach that the person be treated, rather than the condition, Rita highlights the most important aspect of holistic herbal medicine; it is important to understand that every individual is different, therefore no condition is the same, and therefore there are different reasons why certain ailments might affect us.


Rita is passionate about the power of natural therapies, medicinal herbs, natural supplements and food. These substances, if used correctly can help to restore one’s health and support the body when suffering certain conditions.


“My ultimate goal is to empower people, to put responsibility for their health into their own hands. By providing the necessary tools, knowledge and support in the clinic, I believe my clients can continue maintaining optimum health” – Rita Tarvydaite

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