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''Rita’s almost forensic attention to detail coupled with her extensive professional knowledge has led to a dramatic return to good health and well being for me. Where mainstream medicine had failed to address any issues; Rita systematically identified root causes and put in protocols that were easy to follow and resulted in real change. Stop being unwell and make an appointment!!''

MMG - Google Review

''Rita is truly passionate and has a great knowledge of health and wellbeing! She is compassionate and has the ability to really get to the core of the problem, to bring the body back to balance! Highly recommended if you are looking for a professional attitude and need to get your health back to optimal level!''

EG - Facebook Page Review

''Rita has been my herbalist & naturopath for many months now, she has been wonderful in helping me. It has been an incredibly supportive journey with her, it has made me realise how much we need answers about our physical and emotional health. We may not find out all the answers, but we get to know ourselves a lot during that process. Rita helps you find the root cause, a process that is most valuable, not only because it creates long-term sustainable health, but it can re-balance other issues which may have not been the initial concern. Her advice about diet and lifestyle are not restrictive and easy to apply to your needs. I would highly recommend her.''

IL - Google Review

''Delighted with my experience working with Rita to date. Thanks to her super clear guidance and recommendations, my eczema has been reduced dramatically and allergic reaction improved a ton. Grateful for the chance to work with her!''

AMC - Google Review

''Rita's treatment has allowed me to overcome years of severe "foggy head" symptoms. Her care has also improved my energy levels and supported my overall well-being. I am immensely grateful to her and I 100% recommend her.''

ABM - Google Review

''I made contact with Rita at a time when I was feeling very low in energy and didn't really feel I was coping with day to day life. I found her to be very attentive and compassionate and very thorough in her questions. I noticed quite a sudden improvement when I started taking the herbs and supplements she recommended, and continue to notice myself improving day by day. Highly recommend her.''

JMB - Google Review

''Around 3 months ago I had my first consultation with Rita regarding my health. I can happily say that I already see some progress! It is not a quick and easy fix but it is so worth it. Rita has helped me tremendously and I am excited to continue the work so that I can progress further. Rita is charming and authentic, I always feel at ease when talking to her. I highly recommend you not to think twice about using the service! I just wished I had my consultation earlier! Thank you!''

DD - Google Review

''I have been seeing Rita for almost 10 months and at first I wasn't sure what to expect especially as all our consultations were via zoom.

Rita has an absolutely beautiful calming presence that it doesn't matter that you are on zoom, she still manages to understand what you are experiencing and offer suggestions and guidance.

My journey will be a long work in progress but at no stage does Rita put me under pressure to do more than I can do, in fact Rita is a huge advocate and cheerleader for me when I am not. She is extremely encouraging and has huge empathy, I am very lucky to be able to count her as someone who is helping me and on my side.''

SR - Google Review

''I have been working with Rita for two months to fix some hormonal issues after coming off the pill. After six months of losing my period, it returned in two months after starting a herbal blend and making some small lifestyle changes as recommended by Rita. My skin also cleared up within a month after having constant hormonal acne for months. I cannot recommend Rita enough if you are looking to balance your hormones naturally.''

CB - Google Review

''I highly recommend Rita, she is incredible knowledgeable, helpful and amazing! I am suffered with very bad daily chronic pains, allergies, period pains and insomnia for almost 6 years, I had so many different treatments but nothing helped. Rita’s advice, herbal formulas & herbal teas (OMG teas are soo delicious) highly effective, she saved my life.''

AG - Google Review

''My son had consultation with Rita for an ongoing skin condition which was not healing with prescriptions. I have seen huge difference just after the first two weeks and final result was excellent. I highly recommend Rita and thank you so much for all your help.''

JS - Google Review

''I started seeing Rita in June 2019 . I was very stressed at the time and the doctor told me I was in early menopause , obviously I was quite shocked ( at age 41 ) and the only cure she proposed me was the HRT . I search for alternative medicine and I found Rita . So very grateful for all of Rita's guidance , help and support over the last 18 months . The hot flushes disappeared after 6/8 months , my stress level is balanced ( equal to zero ;) my skin looks better and most importantly my period is back. During this time I took a monthly formula ( based on herbs )and I changed my dietary (thanks to all Rita 's advice ) and I exercise regularly. I have found Rita Tarydaite to be very professional , knowledgeable and very accurate . I highly recommend Rita to everyone. She has helped me so much and for that I am very grateful . THANK YOU !!!!''

PA - Google Review

''I have reached Rita to try to treat a condition that was turning chronic and making my life miserable. After only three months I can honestly say that already I feel much better and am very hopeful I can overcome this situation. Thank you for helping me get my life back Rita.''

SS - Google Review

''Rita has such an amazing knowledge on herbs, nutrition and natural remedies. She is also really great at explaining all their properties and finding the best solution for your specific health concern. Her attitude is loving and kind which is so needed in this area. 100% would recommend! :)''

AC - Google Review

''Working with Rita has been a lovely experience and I enjoyed our monthly visits, especially as we both could see the progress we were making. Rita is knowledgeable and highly personable, customising your treatments to fit your daily schedule and preferences. It's evident from the beginning that she's invested in making you feel as comfortable as possible and her in-depth consultations are a welcome change to the brisk, often detached treatment that's sometimes received at a GP's office. Throughout the process Rita kept me informed as to every herb implemented in my formulas and described the effect that they would have. In addition to this, she was flexible when it came to altering the herbal remedies as needed. During the height of COVID-19, Rita ensured that her clients received their herbal remedies in a timely fashion either through the post, or at one point, even delivering them herself! After over a year of searching for a solution to specific health problems, I consulted Rita and within a few months she managed to turn my health around completely. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Behold ~ the before and after!''

MK - Google Review

''Rita is a lovely person and a great professional. I still remember the first time I went to see her, my mood was quite low as I could not find a solution to my problems at the time, even after having seen a few doctors. We had a long, deep conversation, where I finally got to talk about the whole context, and not just the symptoms. I was happy to find someone willing to listen and to understand, in order to find the better solution on a short and long term. The herbal formulas are made specifically for you, and Rita explains every herb and its properties in relation to your issues. She is also very good in suggesting natural supplements and product to help the process together with the formulas. I have been seeing Rita for more than a year now and I would totally reccommend her to anyone who is interested in naturopathy and in finding a person that is really willing to help.''

MR - Google Review

''I have being attending the clinic for a short while but in that time I have I have seen a very positive change in myself and my hormones with the help of rita her herbal medicine and her interest and kindness towards my ongoing issues. Very grateful I found her clinic.''

NOR - Google Review

''Rita has a vast knowledge of herbs and is very professional. I highly recommend her and appreciate all her assistance.''

PW - Google Review

''Rita has been great, I have seen a huge difference in the last few weeks of using her advice and herbs and can't thank her enough.''

LW - Google Review

''She is absolutely amazing person. She helped our baby so much in all ways. From such a weak health baby in less then a year our little one had not a single issue with the health. It was a journey, but was very happy to observe that from very close. Thank you for being what you are!! You are amazing.''

GA - Google Review

''Rita is fantastic! She is very knowledgeable, kind, professional and supportive. I would absolutely recommend working with her.''

GM - Google Review

''My daughter’s story was tragic, for a girl of 10, allergies were constant! We tried everything (zirtek, allergy medication etc.) was consuming them so constantly! We were recommended to see Rita, very warm person and her job specialist. We took herbs suggested, we followed the instructions, everything as Rita said, and here's the result, the allergy almost disappeared (when we came it was at number 10 on the severity scale and now it is 0/1 it's almost nothing. Thank you Rita for helping us. Over Covid-19 medications arrived in the mail within 1/2 day.''

VR - Google Review

''I have had one consultation with Rita so far and have seen a great relief from my symptoms using the herbal remedies she prepared for me. And the herbal tea is delicious! It is a pleasure to deal with Rita and I’m delighted with the results so far.''

NM - Google Review

''I have been working with Rita for 2 years and she has helped me transform my health completely. I was experiencing chronic anxiety and insomnia which was destroying my health and my life. Countless GP visits which didnt help, so I sought out Rita and I can honestly say that I barely know myself anymore (in the best way!). Even my GP noticed my lack of anxiety at a recent checkup and she said "whatever you're doing, keep doing it!"
Not only has Rita treated my anxiety and helped me through that, I still see her to tweak other areas of my health (and keep on top of the anxiety) as she personalizes the treatment as issues come up and it has always helped! Working on my digestion now for example as I was experiencing acid reflux pain and after a few months again, it is completely gone!
She is so professional and really listens to you, please go to her, your life will change :)''

EW - Google Review

''Rita is a wonderful herbalist. My daughter had white patches near her eyes, it's almost gone within 3 months of consultation . I would highly recommend Rita.''

PK - Google Review

''Very professional, extremely helpful & highly recommend.''

IR - Google Review



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