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The initial consultation involves taking a full health history of the client. This involves discussing present health complaints, previous medical and surgical history, prescription medication, supplements, general health, diet and lifestyle. This helps to determine an appropriate naturopathic protocol plan to achieve your desired goal.

After the consultation you will be offered a personalised herbal and nutritional prescription. In addition, nutritional and lifestyle advice will be provided as part of each consultation.



1h €90

Student and OAP discount available upon request



30min €45

Student and OAP discount available upon request



*please note that this price list does not include all products available via the clinic and that prices are subject to change

Personalised Herbal Formulas:

Herbal Formula 200ml from €22

Herbal Formula 100ml from €14

Herbal Formula 50ml from €10

Personalised Herbal Tea Blends:

Herbal Tea Blend 50g From €7.50

Herbal Tea Blend 100g From €12.50

Herbal Tea Blend 150g From €18.50






Single Herb Tincture 100ml From €13

Single Herb Tincture 50ml From €8

Dried Herbs & Herbal Powders:

Herbal Tea (singular) 50g From €6.50

Herbal Tea (singular) 100g From €10.50

Herbal Tea (singular) 150g From €15.50

Herbal Powder 50g From €10.50

Herbal Powder 100g From €18.50

Herbal Powder 150g From €27.50

Herbal Syrups:

50ml From €8.50

100ml From €15.00

Topical Herbal Liniments:

50ml From €8.50

100ml from €16

Nutritional Supplements:

A wide range of nutritional supplements are available via the clinic.

For specific product pricing, please contact the clinic directly. Thank You

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Laboratory Testing:

Blood Sample Analysis - Food Sensitivity Test

*Saliva Testing - Hormone Health, Moulds and Fungal Screening

*Stool Analysis - Microbiome Health, Infections, Inflammation 

*Detailed specific marker testing is also available upon request or practitioner's recommendation

Prices Available Upon Request

Pricelist: Treatments
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